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  1. A Critter Nation Christmas <3

    My mom just ordered me a CN single unit for Christmas! :o We found it on sale at Dog.com. I currently have the rat manor from PETCO for my two boys, and really wanted to upgrade to the CN for a lot of reasons, one big one being the size difference of the doors. I'm so excited to be able to...
  2. Pre-Rat Days

    I have been wanting a rat for quite some time now. I purchased a used Martin's skyscraper for $50 over a year ago. It was SUPER rusty and the plan was to take each piece, sand it down, and respray. After attempting to sand down one piece, I gave up and the cage has sat in my garage for the last...
  3. Critter Nation

    Been on the hunt for a Critter Nation Double Unit with a Stand (#162) for awhile now...The cheapest I've found so far is $211, though I'd like to find one lower than $200. Current savings: $89.91