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  1. Meet My Rat
    Hey guys, I haven't posted very often and when I do it tends to be questions for small advice. I figured I'd do a cute post! So here are my boys and their enclosure, feel free to give constructive criticism on the setup🥰
  2. Sleepy Babies

    My babies r so cute when they sleep, so I thought I’d share some pictures
  3. Meet My Rat
    Had to save the remainder of the yoghurt on a sturdier plate!
  4. New Member Introductions
    Made this for my babies Ben and Jerry, and our two new babies Herb and Ferb💗
  5. General Rat Topics
    Hi lovelies!! I wanted to share my rat pups being adorable 🥺 So i usually leave the cage open when i’m around as the cage is right next to my bed and they jump and run on my bed and back in the cage and don’tjump off or go anywhere else I left the cage open as i left for about an hour to bleach...
  6. General Rat Topics
    hello! I know I haven’t been active for like, seven months, and a lot has changed with my bubs, so I’m just gonna drop some photos for a little update! this is Jami, literally my favorite rat photo this is Boz, his name fits him perfectly😂 And the two of them together! hope these photos...
  7. General Rat Topics
    Okie dokie, Does anyone here have "A Thing" they do with their rats? Like something you always do with your little beans that you don't think others do. For example: Everytime I get a drink out of my water bottle, I will fill up the cap with water and let them drink some water out of the cap...
  8. General Rat Topics
    She’s a chunky jellybean baby
  9. Blog
    So nugget has adopted the extremely cute way of drinking by dipping her hands in the water and bringing it to her mouth, and it is extremely cute. I've heard this is a rare but not uncommon occurrence with rats who have water dishes in stead of water bottles.
1-12 of 12 Results