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  1. attacking poorly rat after death of cagemate

    Rat Behavior
    one of our girls sooty passed yesterday morning, it was very sudden and she only showed signs of passing on her last day:( we have 5 girls left, 3 older and 2 slightly younger. since then 2 of our older girls have been attacking the other one. she has a mammory tumour and they all seemed to care...
  2. Advice needed after boy passed away

    Rat Health
    So, this actually started the other day. Whitey my one boy had a cracked tooth (upper left) and his breathing seemed off/fast again. The breathing started a while/few months ago and I gave them some antibiotics prescribed by a vet and it seemed to stop. The vet didn't seem too concerned, told us...
  3. What should i do with my remaining rat? (Read for full context)

    General Rat Topics
    Long story short i had 3 rats. The oldest one (3) passed, seemingly naturally, and only a week later one of my two young rats (6 months or less) passed from what seems like an extremely fast acting respiratory infection (red eyes, heaving, low energy). Im left with 2 options w/ my last rat (6...
  4. Missing Thatcher...new rats

    It's been two weeks since Thatcher passed away. He was my first rat and a total sweetheart. I brought him home with Byron, and I'm sure he misses him as much as I do. I'm sure Thatcher knew how much he was loved. I got two new boys Quincy and Winston a week ago. They took to me very quickly and...
  5. A little hopeless

    It seems I don't have any luck with rats, Just when I'm starting to think life has thrown me a bone after losing my girl Nova I find that my new rat is sick. Wheezing and making bad sounds. Her nose just started getting wet, and its really frustrating to see her this way and I know I can't do...