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  1. Day 3- Rats Jump

    I got my little ratties out again today, put them in their pouch with a little bit of coaxing, I think they might be getting used to being out of their cage. I put their pouch on a smallish table and let them come out in their own time, Dean is much more confident then Cas and came out almost...
  2. Day 2-A small mishap and a very cozy spot

    The rats came out for a little play on the floor today they were still wary so I placed them on the floor so they could get used to it. Then Dean made a run for my desk and hid behind a box, I managed to get him out without too much hassle but it gave me a heart attack, after I got him out he...
  3. Day 1-....there so cute I wanna hug them!....I won't yet but still aww

    I thought I'd start noting down some of my thoughts on my first time caring for rats mainly to remember what I did for the next time I try to socialise new rats.I brought home my 2 new rats early this afternoon named shortly after that as Cas and Dean, Cas has black eyes and is almost completely...