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    So, when I got my rat, Bosworth, I noticed something that made me wonder. Is he a dumbo or a top eared rat? The breeder said he is a top ear but from the looks of it, his ears are not on top šŸ˜‚! His brother, Jami, is very obviously a top eared rat. Here is a pic of Boz. What do you think? Dumbo...
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  5. Meet My Rat
    Three 3-month old brothers adopted 6 weeks ago. (Birthday- 5/13/20) Havarti is the biggest right now, very affectionate, sleeps the most, first to accept new food, rough play fighter, slowest learner but copies his brothers. Manchego is the smallest, most aware of his surroundings, likes to...
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    I received the most wonderful photos and updates on Solo and Shakira, and Pheonix. They are from Rio and Hollywood's litter. Aren't they beautiful? S and S follow their people throughout the house, and come when called, and are in love with their people. Pheonix is a big boy, tipping the...