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  1. Rat Health
    Recently my rat, Eddie, has started having these really frantic scratching fits that lead to her squeaking and making a sound that I can only describe as a groan as she tries desperately to scratch her right ear. The fits only last a few seconds but overall she seems much more uncomfortable and...
  2. Rat Health
    My 5 month old rat Moyo started leaning to the left as he walked and I read into it and posted in a rat care Facebook group and was reassured by all sources that I caught it early on and will simply take him to the vet, get him started on some antibiotics, and be on our way. Couple hours later I...
  3. Rat Behavior
    I recently discovered that my girls were shaking their head after grooming each other/ themselves or after smelling each other. I know that head shaking can be caused by and ear infection, but except the head shake they don’t have any other sign of ear infection. Is that normal or should I...
  4. Rat Health
    My rat (Jasper) is just about 3 years old and has an upper respiratory infection, he is also underweight but that is due to age and we are giving him extra love. He has been scratching her ear al lot and I just noticed a large about of blood (it is blood I checked) and a bald spot around the...
  5. Rat Health
    What is the most plausible explanation for a persistent smelly ear? The smell seemed to go and come back with Baytril. One time with doxycycline it went away, but later came back. On otoscopic exam the ear looked normal. Is this smell more likely to be caused by otitis externa or otitis...
  6. Rat Health
    Luna has had a ear infection for 4weeks now she was recovering well and was active and fine in the morning and suddenly her head tilt increased alot and I don't know why. What should I do! She isn't even a year old please help me
  7. Rat Health
    Can an experienced vet just 'know' that a rat has a pituitary tumor instead of an ear infection without additional diagnostics?
  8. Rat Health
    Hello, my rat is female, spayed, 2.7 years old. Aprox 14 days ago I noticed a foul smell from her right ear, found brownish wax-like exudate, she was scratching more than usual. Besides that, she's perfectly fine, she has no other symptoms- no head tilt, no redness, no porphyrin, no sneezing...
1-8 of 8 Results