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  1. Rat Health
    Hi all, I had an injured rat recently and took him to the vet in our small cloth carrier. Even though I put a towel down, there was a fair amount of blood left behind in the carriers lining. I am going to wash it today to try to remove the stain and scent (I'm thinking soap and water, then maybe...
  2. Rat Health
    I've been curious about trying other clinics, and wanted to know if anyone in Colorado had recommendations. So far, I've taken my current ones to Southpark Animal clinic, and unfortunately the one I took my girls to years ago is escaping me. Does anyone know of a good clinic that is great with...
  3. Rat Health
    Hi everyone. I took my rat to the vet last night after an incident but the vet did not have a clear idea of what had happened. Please read this, and if your rat has had similar symptoms and you have any other information that you think could help me or that I could pass along to my vet, please...
1-3 of 3 Results