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    My precious boy Odin ate some gum that I had left out on my shelf is he going to die or get sick ?
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    Hi all! My two and a half year old rat, Jadzia, just recently fell ill with what I think is likely a respiratory infection. Although she has had it for a little while, and I started her on some supplements, which seemed to help for a while, all of a sudden she got worse. I woke up two days ago...
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    Hi everyone. I took my rat to the vet last night after an incident but the vet did not have a clear idea of what had happened. Please read this, and if your rat has had similar symptoms and you have any other information that you think could help me or that I could pass along to my vet, please...
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    So my baby is almost three years old now, and we booked an appointment for tomorrow at the vet for a possible malocclusion. She’s on a soft / wet foods diet right now. I personally don’t like this vet but it’s one out of two options and the other vet gave previous (otherwise mostly fine) pets...