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  1. General Rat Topics
    Hi! Do you guys have any enrichment ideas for your rats? Or like enrichment activities/ toys that you use? I’m looking for enrichment ideas! I currently have a dig box and a few foraging toys! Thank you! 💛🐀
  2. Rat Homes
    If anyone has one of them, could you tell me what size you found to be appropriate for your rats?
  3. Rat Homes
    I saw the thread with lots of cage accessory tutorials but most seem to require sewing. I'm looking for no-sew project recommendations, even links to tutorials.
  4. General Rat Topics
    During the short span of time I've had them, the ratties have seemed content with free-roaming, foraging, trying different treats, and pea-fishing, but I'm looking for suggestions on other activities to do!
  5. General Rat Topics
    Angel has been grooming everything excessively and desperately trying to find any sort of entertainment. I want to add more things for him to do but he doesn't seem to focus on things long. I need things both in and out of the cage for him and the other rats but not sure what to add. Current...
  6. General Rat Topics
    Hi! I recently lost my heart ratty Twig. And my other rat Sprig is alone and she has a mammary tumor. I’m wondering how I can give her more cage enrichment? I have a single critter nation cage. And I added a dig box with dirt in it! If anyone has any tips on how I can add more activities and...
  7. General Rat Topics
    I have all 5 of my boys on oxbow food with fruits and veggies but I would love to give them a homemade mix with more variety and enrichment. Any ideas?!
  8. Rat Health
    I know water beads can be very dangerous to pets when dehydrated (small) because they cause mechanical intestinal blockages (that can't be seen with x-rays) if they expand inside of something. What I'm wondering is if this is still the case for water beads that are fully hydrated and won't...
  9. Rat Homes
    Hello! I am hoping to get some rats for the first time next month and I am trying to do as much research as I can now, but I had some questions about cages and setup. Firstly, how large should a cage be for 2-3 rats? Everything I am finding is saying that it should be at least 2 cubic feet per...
  10. Blog
    Hey Guys!! So I've decided to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Todays post is a cute one! I had some old tissue paper and decided to make cici a tissue paper flower!! I put a little peanut butter and some seeds in it and she went crazy! She carried it all over her cage, stripped it of its...
  11. Blog
    Today while I was walking around Petco I spotted an x-tra small puppy kong ball. Perfect size for a rat! I have done some research and most people (especially ones who have given their rat kong balls) say that they are perfectly safe. I also got the yogurt dog spread to put inside. I don't know...
1-12 of 12 Results