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  1. WARE Living room series small pet habitat opinions?

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    Any opinions on this ware cage? I would use it for two female rats. I like how it has a little more floor space than the r 690 cage I was planning to get from Martin’s cages. Not sure about cleaning or access because of the small doors.
  2. Martin’s R-690 Cage Opinions

    Rat Homes
    Picking up two baby female rats in a few weeks but I have limited space for a cage. I hear that the 690 is too narrow which makes me nervous because I don’t want to have to upgrade in the future. The space I have for the cage has room for more depth but Martin’s cages that are 18” deep are also...
  3. Fighting females

    My two dumbo female rats are 3 and four months old. They shared a cage at the pet store where I got them, and they've been together since I brought them home. Suddenly, they've started fighting a lot. It makes no sense! I just moved them to a much bigger cage! No one has been hurt, but there is...