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  1. attacking poorly rat after death of cagemate

    Rat Behavior
    one of our girls sooty passed yesterday morning, it was very sudden and she only showed signs of passing on her last day:( we have 5 girls left, 3 older and 2 slightly younger. since then 2 of our older girls have been attacking the other one. she has a mammory tumour and they all seemed to care...
  2. Introducing 2 diffrent pairs of rats to each other. Odd behavior?

    General Rat Topics
    I've had two pet rats for about 4-5 months. They both are very friendly with each other. I was looking at buying them a new bigger cage and I came across an ad for one at a great price but they wanted to include 2 rats with the cage. I went ahead and bought the cage and rats thinking if they...
  3. My boys are fighting

    Rat Behavior
    Hello! My boys Atticus and Dewey are my very first rats and we’ve been having some problems lately. Unfortunately I got them from a pet store because I could not find a breeder anywhere near me. They seemed to get along fine at first and cuddled in their hammock and all. Then they started...
  4. Fighting females

    My two dumbo female rats are 3 and four months old. They shared a cage at the pet store where I got them, and they've been together since I brought them home. Suddenly, they've started fighting a lot. It makes no sense! I just moved them to a much bigger cage! No one has been hurt, but there is...