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  1. Rat Health
    I am going to be awaiting my new bag of oxbow food. But i don't know how long it will take. What kinds of things should i feed the boys in the meantime? The old bag of food is pretty crappy. Its called the power of five rat food. It is ok, but the pellets crumble to dust and they don't like...
  2. Rat Health
    I'm wondering if papaya seeds are healthy, or even tolerable, for rats in small amounts. I know papaya is similar to melon which makes me hopeful but I don't want to put my rats at risk. Quick responses are preferable! :) I'm asking because papaya seeds are shown to drastically reduce tapeworms...
  3. Rat Health
    What are some of your favorite meals to share with rats? I was hoping to have once a month dinner nights with mine where we eat the same thing and hang out, idk just thought it would be fun
  4. Rat Health
    Looking to give my rats a diet they'll love, so I figured I'd see what you all feed yours/your rats' favorite foods and add some of that to my rats diet!!!
  5. General Rat Topics
    I was just wondering if I could feed my rats red lentil and chickpea pasta and if I have to cook it first.
  6. Rat Health
    So um- lol, yeah, one of my rats is getting a bit fat ;-; I just want to know a few tricks or something to help him not get TOO fat 🤣 I googled it, and he's definitely a on the chunky side. I use the the oxbow, young rat food for them because they like it, should I transfer them to the adult...
  7. Rat Health
    Ok so I'm not quite sure what to feed my rats. At first I had them on the Adult Oxbow rat food, but there poop didn't look healthy at ALL(diarrhea like and nasty). So then I switched them to the Oxbow Young Rat And Mouse Food and their poop turned back to the normal healthy rat poop. Since they...
  8. Rat Health
    So I know that Gerber puffs are a popular rat treat, but in February there was a report about baby food (and Gerber's rice flour, which is in the puffs) containing lead, arsenic, and mercury? Is it still safe to feed them to ratties? Am I overreacting? I don't have rats yet, but I'm getting them...
  9. General Rat Topics
    Other than lab blocks, what do you feed your rats and how much? Living in south Louisiana, I know we eat good and I’m sure most of our pets do too. My boys love bok choy, wild rice, rolled oats, squash, boiled potatoes, any chicken/meats they can get, bananas, lots of stuff. I try to do fresh...
  10. Rat Health
    Hey, so this is my first post so I’m not really sure what I’m doing here. I have a rat who is about 2 years old now and up until earlier this week he was super energetic and he seemed to go downhill really fast. I had to move him to a smaller single story cage because he was falling off the...
  11. Rat Health
    I was thinking in order to give my rats more enrichment, but still ensure they get enough nutrients, I could use mostly Oxbow and then add some "treat" pieces in there that are still good for them but also make eating a little more interesting. Like maybe I could use 80% Oxbow and maybe 20% of...
  12. Rat Health
    Hello! I adopted my three little boys two weeks ago from the local shelter and I have some food related questions. I'm not sure what brand of lab blocks I have as the shelter gave me some in a big ziplock bag (don't worry, I know it's rat food, I just don't remember which brand they told me it...
  13. Petal Snacks

    I think these are variations of African Daisies. Are they safe for ratties to eat? My two girls seemingly like the purple ones most of the few different types of flowers I've gifted them.
1-13 of 13 Results