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  1. Adopted rats, not sure if I can keep them- need advice!

    General Rat Topics
    Hi- Last week I adopted three female rats from a wildlife center I volunteer at (they were rehomed because there were not any programs happening due to covid). They gave me the rats, cage, and food for free so all I had to buy was bedding and toys. I had been wanting rats for months beforehand...
  2. Pee sprinkles while playing

    Rat Health
    Hi everyone! Couldn’t find another thread similar to my question... Peach and Plum get free time with me nightly on my bed (with a blanky laid down and a pee pad for oops)...when Plum is out, I find she “pee sprinkles” everywhere. Peach doesn’t do it at all unless it’s a full pee. Is this...
  3. The Goodest Boys

    Hello, back again with another blog post :):):) I hope you all are having a good day. I am not a morning person, I hate mornings. I hate Waking up. I hate being tired. Last night, I was sitting around on my bed, relaxing. I was enjoying watching one Netflixs and sipping some crystal light when I...