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  1. Rat is becoming blind, starting to bite. Please help!

    Rat Behavior
    I have two rats, both are sisters about 1 year and 1 month old. One of my rats has become blind in one eye, while the other eye has very poor vision. The vet has told me in a few months time she will be totally blind. I have taken precautions to help her get to food and water, my only problem...
  2. Happy Rat

    My rat Dusty has been sneezing a lot recently, I think she may have a Respiratory Infection so have made an appointment at the vets this evening. I understand that after it will be good to keep her immune system up to scratch to help fight the infection, I was just wondering if anyone could tell...
  3. Week 1 of Medicine

    The girls have been on Baytril and Doxycycline for respiratory infections for a full week now. Luna has also been on a topical antibiotic for her bumblefoot. I'm frankly surprised at what a great improvement I've seen. My ratties used to sneeze a few times per day, and I would see porphyrin...
  4. Something is weird with my Boys balls, please help (pics)

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