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  1. seizures

    Rat Health
    hi! one of my rats who’s about a little over a year has had two seizures, they happened about 1 month apart. i learned that the food i have been feeding them has choleciferol/vitamin d-3which is essentially rat poison and could be causing the seizures(the food is Kaytee Forti Diet pro health). I...
  2. Potentially sick rat- first time rat owner

    Rat Health
    I adopted three ten month old sisters almost two weeks ago, from a wildlife center that I volunteer at. I know they were well taken care of, and when I took them in I was told they were healthy. However, its been a week and a half and one rat, Queso, has been sneezing a lot. I know that's normal...
  3. When should I take my rats in to the vet for a PE?

    Rat Health
    Hello! :) First-time rat owner here, although I've had lots of experience with mice and gerbils. My two female rats, Maggie (furless albino rex) and June (albino rex) are almost 10 weeks old, and I am now looking into details about veterinary check-ins for their physical exams. At what age is it...
  4. Squeaking in a certain location

    Rat Behavior
    Hi! One of my rats has been making very frequent, high-pitched squeaks, but only when she is resting inside of her hammock (I can't see what she's doing when she squeaks like this, because she lies down in between the two linings of the hammock rather than on top of it). The only time she ever...
  5. What bedding/substrate do you reccomend for rats?

    General Rat Topics
    I am considering getting rats one day and I don't know what kind of bedding/substrate to get. I've heard that rats are prone to respiratory issues if certain kinds of bedding/substrate is used, any suggestions?
  6. Rat is becoming blind, starting to bite. Please help!

    Rat Behavior
    I have two rats, both are sisters about 1 year and 1 month old. One of my rats has become blind in one eye, while the other eye has very poor vision. The vet has told me in a few months time she will be totally blind. I have taken precautions to help her get to food and water, my only problem...
  7. Happy Rat

    My rat Dusty has been sneezing a lot recently, I think she may have a Respiratory Infection so have made an appointment at the vets this evening. I understand that after it will be good to keep her immune system up to scratch to help fight the infection, I was just wondering if anyone could tell...
  8. Week 1 of Medicine

    The girls have been on Baytril and Doxycycline for respiratory infections for a full week now. Luna has also been on a topical antibiotic for her bumblefoot. I'm frankly surprised at what a great improvement I've seen. My ratties used to sneeze a few times per day, and I would see porphyrin...
  9. Something is weird with my Boys balls, please help (pics)

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