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  1. Comcerned for runt baby

    Rat Health
    I'm looking for a bit of help here with something that's been bothering me recently. On Jan 1st my two girls ended up giving birth to litters at the same time. I'd been babysitting a friends male prior who was prone to escaping his cage and found him in the other room in our girls cage. Now we...
  2. What should i do with my remaining rat? (Read for full context)

    General Rat Topics
    Long story short i had 3 rats. The oldest one (3) passed, seemingly naturally, and only a week later one of my two young rats (6 months or less) passed from what seems like an extremely fast acting respiratory infection (red eyes, heaving, low energy). Im left with 2 options w/ my last rat (6...
  3. Training and Biting - HELP!!!

    Rat Behavior
    So I have new rat babies I’ve had them nearly 2 weeks. And I’m struggling to stop them from biting so I can start stroking and holding. I recently just tried the spoon technique (make an eek when they bite it) and now I’m using soft foods so they’ll learn to lick instead of bite. They only seem...
  4. Bruxing and randomly falling asleep... [*]

    Rat Behavior
    Hey everyone, it's my first post here. Let me Just start by saying that I've had many rats before in my life, and I've never seen such behavior before. About a week ago i bought the right Cage, i made sure everything is ready for the arrival of my two girls. Yesterday we brought them home, i...
  5. 1 week old baby not eating

    Rat Health
    Hello! I just created this account and this is my first post. I have raised kittens before, but I came across a baby rat (it looks to be one week old according to pictures on the internet) and the mom was killed nearby. I don't know if she had anymore, as I didn't see any, I just saw the one...
  6. Please help! Can I keep my dying rat with cagemate safely?

    Rat Health
    Hey there. I’m new to this website but I need some advice. Can I safely keep a dying rat (he is bleeding out but as it is midnight I can’t take him to the vet) with his brother overnight in the cage? I think it would help comfort my rats, as Hu Li (my dying rat) seems to be stressed and can’t...