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  1. Stink, stank, stunk!

    General Rat Topics
    Hello again, second post for the day!! I have two new Ratties in my home and I am a first time owner. I would love some advice on a few things, any help would be SO appreciated. Here is a quick summary. I bought my ratties Friday and have had them a few days now. I have Cookie, who is my male...
  2. Please help! Can I keep my dying rat with cagemate safely?

    Rat Health
    Hey there. I’m new to this website but I need some advice. Can I safely keep a dying rat (he is bleeding out but as it is midnight I can’t take him to the vet) with his brother overnight in the cage? I think it would help comfort my rats, as Hu Li (my dying rat) seems to be stressed and can’t...
  3. Is it buck grease or lice?

    Rat Health
    My rat French is a male dumbo who just turning 5 months. I recently was forced to give him a bath because he'd gotten something sticky in his fur during play time (still don't know what it was). When I gave him a bath I noticed he had a lot of little clump build ups on him all over his back and...
  4. I need advice

    Rat Health
    Hi everyone I need some advice. I had rats when I was very little, but I pretty much did everything wrong. I got rats again because I love them a lot. Obviously I'm not making the same mistakes twice so I got a big cage, bedding that won't be hard on their lungs, etc. and its been smooth sailing...
  5. Found rat laying on her side, could barely walk, fine now but no diagnosis

    Rat Health
    Hi everyone. I took my rat to the vet last night after an incident but the vet did not have a clear idea of what had happened. Please read this, and if your rat has had similar symptoms and you have any other information that you think could help me or that I could pass along to my vet, please...
  6. How can I help my rats use their wheel again? Is there something deeper to this?

    General Rat Topics
    So, my rats have always had a wheel, even when they were with their breeders. They have recently stopped using their wheel. I thought it was probably because it was too small dispite being appropriate for their age and size when babies, so I aptly bought new one as soon as they outgrew it to...
  7. VERY timid rats... can someone help me?

    Rat Behavior
    Hey! If anyone can give me some advice i would appreciate it so much! I adopted 3 ex-lab rat babies who needed a home & they were 8 weeks old when i got them🥰 they're 3 girls and i've had them for about a month... the only problem is that i'm finding it pretty difficult to tame them. I try and...