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  1. please help me !!! introduction

    Rat Behavior
    Hi, so i got some new babies and they’re about 8 weeks old. I tried to introduce them to my older guys who are about 15 months old. everything was going well until one of my adult bit my baby.! he is bleeding but the injury is fine. i separated them for now but how do i introduce them properly...
  2. Introducing aggressive/traumatised male?

    Rat Behavior
    Hi, I’m a first time rat owner and have never had to do introductions before. I bought my first rat, Wilbur (approx 1 year old) from the petstore I work at. He was separated for a few weeks from his brother after they fought and he was left with a large nonhealing wound that resulted in him...
  3. Introduction!

    After waiting for a 29 days now, I finally get to introduce Thumbelina to her sisters! It's been a while since I've had to go through this process but I feel like it will be a good one. Going to start her off with the nicest of my rats to meet first since I have no idea if she's even been around...
  4. Rats formally introduced!

    Byron has been introduced to Winston and Quincy. I haven't had issues with him and Winston, then again they don't really seem to acknowledge each other which needs to change. Quincy on the other hand is terrified, and Byron bit off a very small chunk of skin out of him. I hate seeing him so...
  5. Introducing Myself!

    First, I just want to start my very first blog post by saying that I loooooove this forum! I'm definitely happy that I happened to stumble across it the other day while Googling rat toy ideas. Now a little about myself. Hmmmm... Where to begin? I'm currently a 5th-year college student working...
  6. Our Introduction

    Hello all! I am new too this forum as you can see. I would like to start off by telling you guys a bout my little rattlings. One night I was laying in bed next to my fiance'e surfing the Pet section of Craigslist that is when I first saw him and fell in love! The article said Free Rat and of...
  7. New Baby.

    So the other day i brought home a baby to introduce to my two adults that i have had for a few months now. The first indroduction did go so well, they nibbled at her and she got a small bite so that ended the socialization for that day. Every day i've had them out all together and its getting...