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  1. Introducing aggressive/traumatised male?

    Rat Behavior
    Hi, I’m a first time rat owner and have never had to do introductions before. I bought my first rat, Wilbur (approx 1 year old) from the petstore I work at. He was separated for a few weeks from his brother after they fought and he was left with a large nonhealing wound that resulted in him...
  2. Time to actually write this blog :S

    Hello everyone, my name is LJ Green and I have been a rat owner for over two years. My two oldest have recently passed away (with one in January and one passing yesterday), so my youngest was left on his own. Beanie is around 8 months old, and bought after Dash passed away in January. After...
  3. Day One: NEW RATS!

    Hi! This is my first blog post describing my new rat journey. Today I purchased two new baby rats to accompany my other rat I bought a week ago. My three rats are named as followed: Tanya (Grey and white hooded rat), CanCan (full name Cannie is a hooded REW curly rat), and Maxie (so far a...