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  1. PLEASE HELP! Lice Mites? Infested house.

    Rat Health
    Please help me. I don't know what's going on in my house. I have 6 cats. And three rats. Loki my oldest has been a lil scratchy since I got him but I never found anything. Regardless I treated all my cats and the rats with revolution. Prior to that my clothes and cats have had some biting white...
  2. Adopted Three boys, One passed away - What now?

    Rat Health
    Hey there. I'm new to this site and to being a rat owner. For over a year I do my research on rats now before I finally got some, but something unexpected happened. On June 7th I picked up three boys from a questionable seller. I barely interacted with her for three minutes before I had the...
  3. Is it buck grease or lice?

    Rat Health
    My rat French is a male dumbo who just turning 5 months. I recently was forced to give him a bath because he'd gotten something sticky in his fur during play time (still don't know what it was). When I gave him a bath I noticed he had a lot of little clump build ups on him all over his back and...