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  1. Rat Homes
    I've been experimenting with different cage setups and combinations of beddings. The current one has a thin tray (no bedding) on the floor to cover the wire on the first floor and fleece on some of the second, though some wire is exposed. They like to stuff newspaper in their hideouts and also...
  2. Adoption Center
    After saving an abandoned rat from freezing to death, we decided to adopt her. On February 12th she gave birth to 14 babies! Both us and the vet didn’t realize she was pregnant, thankfully Powder is very patient with us being completely new to rats! We are hoping to rehome them in the next...
  3. Rat Health
    Is walnut shell litter safe for rats if it's dust free pellets? My dad bought it for my rats and I want to use it so it doesn't go to waste but I'm not sure... Also what's the best way to litter train rats?
  4. Rat Homes
    5 boys, just picked up the 2 new boys yesterday, and they have their own litter tray coming in the mail for their 2 week quarantine. So this post is about my 3 other boys who are almost 4 months old. I got my 3 boys at 6 weeks old and had their cage set up for them, litter pan placement and...
  5. General Rat Topics
    I'm getting two little girls next weekend. They are only a few weeks old. I think I have all the supplies. I'm just missing litter for the litter pan. What am I supposed to use?!
  6. Rat Homes
    It has a removable grate for the rat to sit on, the droppings go right through the holes. So they wouldn't be sitting directly on the litter itself. Should I keep the grate on or take it off? Bumblefoot is an initial worry but will just standing on it sometimes and not for extended periods of...
  7. Rat Behavior
    I'm trying to litter train my three male rats and it's not working too well at the moment. They keep pooping and peeing everywhere even though I pick up everything and put it in the litter pan and have a pee rock in there as well. I'm pretty sure the litter bedding and living bedding are just...
1-7 of 7 Results