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  1. Rat Health
    So recently I was checking my rat Leo because he was been acting really strange lately and it feels like is weak he can't even hold his food in his hand while he eat. But like after some time he could use his arms perfectly he even wash himself at the sonic boom speed and then after 3 minutes he...
  2. Adoption Center
    Hi, I'm from Essex and I don't know where I can buy rats. Does someone know a safe place, preferably close to the Grays?
  3. Rat Behavior
    I love my girls so much! And I let them explore my living room for at least an hour every night, sometimes wayyy longer, until they go back —on their own- to their big critter nation cage full of clean fleece and tunnels and hammocks. I’ve made them a soil dig box to try to deter their ever...
  4. Blog
    I have 3 current pink tail boyo's I received my boys the same week I got my lip pierced, so I have had them for about a year and a half. There were originally 4, Batman, Robin, Rouqfort, and KitKat. I was hospitalized for personal reasons and when my mother came to visit me, she informed me...
1-4 of 4 Results