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  1. Aggression After a Huge Fight, What Should I do?

    Rat Behavior
    Hi everyone! I am new to owning rats, and they are the most precious creatures, I never knew! I had a question in regards to behavior. My two boys are brothers, Bennie and Nickel, and are about eight months old. I've had them since they were about eight weeks old, and they were very close with...
  2. Abscess, cyst or tumour?

    Rat Health
    TL;DR: lump appeared overnight. Rat is from pet store with undisclosed health history. Lump is hard and does not seem to cause rat pain. No pus or drainage from lump or penis. Still eating, drinking, playing with cage mate. Is this a cyst, a preputial abscess, a regular abscess or a tumour? I...
  3. Cheese Brothers

    Meet My Rat
    Three 3-month old brothers adopted 6 weeks ago. (Birthday- 5/13/20) Havarti is the biggest right now, very affectionate, sleeps the most, first to accept new food, rough play fighter, slowest learner but copies his brothers. Manchego is the smallest, most aware of his surroundings, likes to...