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  1. Rat Health
    So, I took my rat to the vet yesterday to get her teeth trimmed, cause she has malocclusion. But the vet accidentally cut one of their teeth too short and chipped it (it bled for a bit but stopped almost instantly, and it doesn't look like it started bleeding again since). He didn't gave me any...
  2. Rat Health
    Hey everyone, my boy Dexter has two teeth that grow out of line and I am in awful need of tips to trim it at home! It is both his top right and bottom left incisor that are causing problems, he completely avoids using the bottom tooth since it is pretty crooked. The top one is a normal size...
  3. Rat Health
    So my baby is almost three years old now, and we booked an appointment for tomorrow at the vet for a possible malocclusion. She’s on a soft / wet foods diet right now. I personally don’t like this vet but it’s one out of two options and the other vet gave previous (otherwise mostly fine) pets...
1-3 of 3 Results