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    My rat Poppy has a really huge cyst on his side (graphic photo). I know it’s a cyst and i took him to the vet already and have been monitoring it for several months now. I couldn’t remove it when it was still small because he was a new rescue and wouldn’t let my hands anywhere near him. I...
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    To start off this is what i will be using Enrofloxacin 10% | Jedds Bird Supplies is there a website or something i can calculate the dosages? I dont want to overdose my baby. I have to weigh her when i go get a scale tomorrow. Im pretty sure she has an ear infection
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    One of my boys has some kind of infection on his foot and the vets prescribed Sulfatrim, when I asked the vet if I can mix it with any food e.g. malt paste or yogurt he said he doesn’t know? My Reggie will not take any of the medication cause I think he knows its medication😂. Does anyone know if...
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    Can someone please explain to me how to measure doxycycline POWDER? I need it for my 587g rat. How do I mix it? Thanks.
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    Hi everyone I need some advice. I had rats when I was very little, but I pretty much did everything wrong. I got rats again because I love them a lot. Obviously I'm not making the same mistakes twice so I got a big cage, bedding that won't be hard on their lungs, etc. and its been smooth sailing...