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  1. Week 1 of Medicine

    The girls have been on Baytril and Doxycycline for respiratory infections for a full week now. Luna has also been on a topical antibiotic for her bumblefoot. I'm frankly surprised at what a great improvement I've seen. My ratties used to sneeze a few times per day, and I would see porphyrin...
  2. Health Status

    A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some scabs on Luna’s back. At first I believed them to be from one of her cage-mates, but after parting some of the fur on her back and rump, I noticed lice. Because our girls have been isolated from other animals for months, I was surprised to find Luna had...
  3. This Will Probably Be More Like A Journal

    I think this place to 'blog' will probably be more like a journal to me. I already have a few blogs to maintain so I'm kind of busy with those. I think this will just be a place for me to vent and ramble on about whatever I chose. :D I'll probably mostly stick to rat stuff though, so it'll...