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  1. General Rat Topics
    Hi I sadly have decided to regime my rats. I haven’t had them for a month even. But my mental have has taken a very serious turn where I’m barely about to look after myself and can’t do anything at all. So for the best I have decided it’s ok raven and grays best interest to go to a home where...
  2. Adoption Center
    My hairless rat Cronk needs a new home. Crank has been really sick and won’t eat. I was told that there isn’t anything I can do cause Rats have bad lungs and are more susceptible to illnesses. They have been together for over a year and a half now and I know that when Crank dies that Cronk will...
  3. Adoption Center
    I have a one year old female rat named Ripley. I adore her but she deserves better. I thought I would have a lot more time to dedicate to her but I have been working a lot. She is super sweet has a lot of energy but wants to be close and snuggle also. I have a cage along with her things like...
  4. Rat Behavior
    hello! yes I’m posing again about my new rat, BUT as a first time rat owner is it normal for little ones to not take treats/food from my hand? when I got my first rat Panini she would come out take the food from me and run away and eat it but my new rat Olive won’t even take the food, at night I...
  5. Adoption Center
    Hello everyone, Basil is male, social, well adapted to being let out, climbing on us, etc. We're moving interstate and just don't see how we'll be able to take best care of him. He's all set with everything, and he'll arrive with both durable food supplies and a list of the fresh foods we feed...
  6. Adoption Center
    Hi, I'm from Essex and I don't know where I can buy rats. Does someone know a safe place, preferably close to the Grays?
  7. Adoption Center
    We recently adopted 2 male rats from a breeder. We named them Ollie & Cheddar. They were a little over a month old when we adopted them in March 2021. They are very sweet and have never bitten us. They don't mind being held, but because they're teenagers, they're always wanting to move. With...
  8. Adoption Center
    I had an accidental litter(a female I was given was pregnant) right now the babies are 3.3 weeks old but soon will be needing forever homes :) I’m located in WV
1-8 of 8 Results