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  1. Adoption Center
    Hello everyone, Basil is male, social, well adapted to being let out, climbing on us, etc. We're moving interstate and just don't see how we'll be able to take best care of him. He's all set with everything, and he'll arrive with both durable food supplies and a list of the fresh foods we feed...
  2. Adoption Center
    Hi, I'm from Essex and I don't know where I can buy rats. Does someone know a safe place, preferably close to the Grays?
  3. Adoption Center
    We recently adopted 2 male rats from a breeder. We named them Ollie & Cheddar. They were a little over a month old when we adopted them in March 2021. They are very sweet and have never bitten us. They don't mind being held, but because they're teenagers, they're always wanting to move. With...
  4. Adoption Center
    I had an accidental litter(a female I was given was pregnant) right now the babies are 3.3 weeks old but soon will be needing forever homes :) I’m located in WV
1-4 of 4 Results