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  1. Rat pushing bedding into food and water dish

    Rat Behavior
    Hello. I'm new here, but just a question. Just today I got a rat. She's a large brown/white spotted rat, and her name is Fritzie. And yes, I know they say not to have just one rat, but the pet store I got her at said she was an oddball and didn't do well with other rats, but she is friendly with...
  2. Martin’s R-690 Cage Opinions

    Rat Homes
    Picking up two baby female rats in a few weeks but I have limited space for a cage. I hear that the 690 is too narrow which makes me nervous because I don’t want to have to upgrade in the future. The space I have for the cage has room for more depth but Martin’s cages that are 18” deep are also...
  3. New pet rat suddenly biting cagemates.

    Rat Behavior
    So i have 2 older rats about 1.2 years old and i decided to get 2 little friends for them (all males). 1 of the new rats sadly passed way the other one is fine though and is now 4 months old but hes suddenly biting my other rats (since a week and a half 2 instances). They still cuddle and play...
  4. very scared and skittish rat

    Rat Behavior
    Hey y'all! So I recently got a pet rat (Roquefort) and I'm a bit worried about her. She's always hiding in her little tent and only comes out to eat/drink water when the lights are out or when she thinks I'm not there. I decided to start taming her, and it was kind of a disaster. Every time I...
  5. My New Kids

    Hey everyone! I thought I could do a more detailed introduction for anyone who cares to know more about me. I'm currently living in a house in Cheyenne with my husband and our roommate. Before we moved here, we lived in Fort Collins where I trained as a massage therapist and am just waiting to...
  6. Cheeseball-My Loving Little Weenie-16/11/15

    This is mostly a copy/paste from my post in the Rainbow Bridge forum. My sweet little princess passed away a few days ago. She was an estimated two and a half years old, and I had only had her for two years (she was almost fully grown when I got her). Her picture will be below, but she was a...
  7. MoMo won't move ):

    I just got a new rat yesterday, she was calm when I got her too. She lets me pick her up no problem doesn't squirm or anything. She has a wheel and some wood tunnels and lots of food and water and a friend in there with her named siren. But she doesn't play or anything just sits in different...
  8. Welcome home Wendle (cont)

    :) So excited, I got Felix a little friend! Wendle :P It's taken 3 days but now they can be in and out of the cages together without beating each other up :) , except when it comes to disputing who's sleeping where. I made a triple hammac out of a mesh shoe shelf i found in a closet :P Felix...
  9. my new rats!

    Yea got my first rats today. They are sisters,Hadley and Harper(all white).
  10. Getting Rats Today!

    Hopefully today, my dads running late because President Obama ate at the skyline next to his work. . .
  11. Week One - 5 Week old Enzo

    It's only been a week from March 17th 2012. That lovely St.Patrick's day is when I suckered my mom into letting me buy a rat again. (I've owned two male rats in the past) We dropped into a local petstore and they had a tank filled with little boys ready to go home. The store clerks eagerly let...