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  1. Cage rubbing and distressed squeaking??

    Rat Behavior
    So this will be a bit long. I currently have five rats. All of which are wild and female. My first and oldest rat Moishe is about to be 6 months. I work at a pet store and she was dropped off at a week old so I bottle fed her. She had severe malcolusion in her early months and had to have her...
  2. Adopted rats, not sure if I can keep them- need advice!

    General Rat Topics
    Hi- Last week I adopted three female rats from a wildlife center I volunteer at (they were rehomed because there were not any programs happening due to covid). They gave me the rats, cage, and food for free so all I had to buy was bedding and toys. I had been wanting rats for months beforehand...
  3. I’m very worried about my new rats please help!!

    Rat Behavior
    I recently adopted two little girls— Sniffer and Stevie from a breeder. When I brought them home, I played with them while my partner set up their cage (took a while— had to put construction fabric over it since the wire spacing was too large). Everything seemed really good— I’ve had four rats...
  4. Adopted Three boys, One passed away - What now?

    Rat Health
    Hey there. I'm new to this site and to being a rat owner. For over a year I do my research on rats now before I finally got some, but something unexpected happened. On June 7th I picked up three boys from a questionable seller. I barely interacted with her for three minutes before I had the...
  5. Bruxing and randomly falling asleep... [*]

    Rat Behavior
    Hey everyone, it's my first post here. Let me Just start by saying that I've had many rats before in my life, and I've never seen such behavior before. About a week ago i bought the right Cage, i made sure everything is ready for the arrival of my two girls. Yesterday we brought them home, i...
  6. Time to actually write this blog :S

    Hello everyone, my name is LJ Green and I have been a rat owner for over two years. My two oldest have recently passed away (with one in January and one passing yesterday), so my youngest was left on his own. Beanie is around 8 months old, and bought after Dash passed away in January. After...
  7. Are your rats like this?

  8. Getting my first Rats next week

    This is just a quick post! I've never had rats before, I've had many gerbils and hamsters but as I've moved out a week ago, I finally decided that I'd waited long enough for rats! I am waiting on two young rats for next week, they are from an excellent breeder. I don't know yet their colour or...
  9. rat advice?

    so my new ratties just got dropped off about 15 minutes ago, how long should i wait until they are comfortable enough for me to clean their cage? they have pine bedding which i heard is bad and the shelves are looking pretty dirty. I heard pine bedding can cause respiratory infections, do rats...