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  1. WARE Living room series small pet habitat opinions?

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    Any opinions on this ware cage? I would use it for two female rats. I like how it has a little more floor space than the r 690 cage I was planning to get from Martin’s cages. Not sure about cleaning or access because of the small doors.
  2. playing the floor is lava

    my baby rat Mochi has been living with me for 11 days now and i spend a lot of time in my room so i let her do her own thing sometimes so i dont stress her out. i leve her cage open when im at home and she varry rarely comes out but when she dose she refuses to touch my floor. so i decided to...
  3. Week One -Baby Enzo

    So I happily purchased a black hooded male dumbo rat from the petstore on March 17th 2012. Its been about a week and he loves cuddles & doesn't mind being picked up. He even takes treats from my hand & even gave me a through licking :) i'm so happy at how far along he's come along already! I...