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    Hello, I am new on the forum.
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    Newbie here. First post.
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    Hi, I am a new member. It's my first post on the forum.
  4. General Rat Topics
    Hello! I might be getting rats soon. I will be getting a pair of females in two months. I will get a single Critter Nation and feed them the oxbow food. I have a few questions I have had guinea pigs before, and their water bottle kept dripping so I am thinking about getting this water bottle...
  5. Rat Health
    I am a first time rat owner and got 2 rats just under a week ago from a pet shop. They both seemed fine at first but about 2 days ago one of them started sneezing. He seems to be sneezing pretty often now, both when he is in and out of the cage but mostly when he's moving around. He's completely...
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1-6 of 6 Results