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  1. Do alpha rats care for their old cage mates?

    Rat Behavior
    I just recently signed up to this website because this is a question that I can’t ask google and it give me a direct answer, lol. I have 5 ratties, with an Alpha female named Snips. One of our other rats is a 4 year old female name Eleven whom my siblings owned until my Mother passed her on to...
  2. Corona virus?

    Rat Health
    I am wondering what would happen if my rats caught Corona virus. They are both old girls, just about 2 1/4 and I want to know if I should do anything. What would Corona virus do to pet rats if not caught early? How would I know if they have it? Can rats even get Corona virus? Should I take...
  3. Older Rat, Possible Malocculion? Worried about the sedation at the vet

    Rat Health
    So my baby is almost three years old now, and we booked an appointment for tomorrow at the vet for a possible malocclusion. She’s on a soft / wet foods diet right now. I personally don’t like this vet but it’s one out of two options and the other vet gave previous (otherwise mostly fine) pets...