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  1. Caring for Accidental Litters
    I got this little hairless girl (Rosie) around a week ago where she was being kept with 3 boys and I'm like 80% sure she is pregnant. This morning she started to act differently and is basically just sleeping when she is usually quite active. she gained quite alot of weight overnight. Last night...
  2. Rat Health
    So I have this 10/11 week old hairless girl. She was housed with 3 boys before we got her, which was around a week ago. She has started to look very plump and when you look at her from above she looks pear shaped which google told me was a sign thar she was pregnant. But I'm really not sure.
  3. Caring for Accidental Litters
    my hairless girl just gave birth to her first (accidental) litter about four hours ago. directly after giving birth she left the nest and slept a lot. i figured it was normal and left her alone to recover and come to her senses to nurse her babies. but at the three hour mark i started to get...
  4. Rat Behavior
    I recently adopted a young feeder rat only to find out she's pregnant, she gave birth yesterday and they were all eaten or still born. Today I went to go say hi to her and pet her and my 2 other girls as usual and she bit me multiple times, I'm not sure what's happening or what's wrong... what...
  5. Rat Behavior
    I have a 1 yo. female in a really nice setup living together with (2) two-week old males. Everybody is getting along great - zero aggression at all. My situation is that I don’t want her to get pregnant. At what age of the boys should I seperate them from the female to avoid a potential pregnancy?
  6. Caring for Accidental Litters
    Hello! Two weeks ago I got a new female rat from a pet store. Long story short, two weeks after bringing her home I realized she was (is) pregnat. Judjing from the day I got her, I think she's currently on her 18-19th day of pregnacy. The thing that's making me more stressed right now is: I...
1-6 of 6 Results