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  1. Lily

    This morning went as usual; cleaning up what the rats threw from their cage (usually poo - the boys frustrate me with deciding that their litter box isn't good enough!) and letting them out for morning playtime. Lily and the boys were let out together as normal and, as normal, she ignored their...
  2. Pregnant Rat pleses help

    2 months ago i got our first female rat from my brother and a couple days ago i got her sister to keep her company. he now tells me that he thinks she got pregnant from her brother. my worries are she is only 3 months old and her brother got her pregnant. what should i look for and be...
  3. I NEED SOME INFO ON MY RATS PREGNANCY. I also have an extra Q?

    Her name is lil girl. Her beaus name is Dunken. So my lil girl is pregnant. This is her first time and mine as well. She is most likely in her last week is what it looks like. Dunken is with her right now. Until the babies come. I just want to know what I should do for her before and after. I...