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  1. Caring for Accidental Litters
    My female rat is pregnant and I need some help on what to do for her!! Do I leave her alone for the whole pregnancy, if I do will she get aggressive towards me? Should I separate her from her sister or leave her? I used to take her on car rides and she loved them can I still do that or will I...
  2. Rat Health
    Hi everyone I really need some help. I just cannot tell if I’m being paranoid or if my rat is pregnant. She has been this same size if not a little bigger for the last 3 days.
  3. Caring for Accidental Litters
  4. Adoption Center
    so my rat Mazikeen got pregnant by my other rat Casper, they are both dumbos and Casper is also a rex. im planning on keeping them all BUT... idk how many she is having, hoping for a small litter bc i dont know if I'll have enough room for them (if i dont and nobody care take them that i know...
1-4 of 4 Results