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  1. Rat Behavior
    edit; TL;DR Looking for any information on weekly physical development of rats from pup to adulthood ( 7+ weeks ); adult rat - pup socialization (both standard and adverse scenarios). Hello, the mischief & I welcomed 2 pups (7wks ea.) into the group yesterday afternoon (less than 24...
  2. Rat Health
    Hey!! So my new baby rats have a URI, the very thinks. They have given me 0.6ml of baytril twice a day for both of them. But i’m wondering.. how long do i wait between doses????
  3. General Rat Topics
    Hii!! So my rat has just had 3 pups. Doesn’t seem to be pushing anymore so seems like a small littler. She also isn’t nursing, I’m worried about the babies does this usually take a while? Also am I able to move mama and babies isn’t a different cage that’s safer for the pups or better off to...
1-3 of 3 Results