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  1. Rat Health
    I found this on YouTube years ago, and have used it at least 7 times. It works. It's pretty easy and inexpensive. I will be occasionally blunt in my writing, I apologize. It can be a challenge mentally/emotionally, you may cry. It is ok. Just remember- you are helping them along, it is for them...
  2. Rat Health
    So my Rattie boy Crackers has had a rough couple of weeks, his best friend/brother Dave crossed the rainbow bridge unexpectedly just over a week ago...I know depression can set in VERY hard for rats when they lose their companion. So we've been giving him extra love and attention and treats and...
  3. Rat Health
    One of my rats needs to be put to sleep this week and I want it to be as soon as possible so she's not in pain. However, my other rat can't be adopted for a couple of days at least. I was wondering how long my last rat could live be alone? I spend 4+ hours a day with my rats, but I know they...
  4. Rat Health
    Advice needed please As some of you might have read in my previous posts 😅 one of my little girls has several tumours. They're getting bigger, she can still move about happily, she runs and climbs and jumps. The skin isn't bleeding or anything, but it is quite thin now. I just wondered when...
  5. Over the Rainbow Bridge
    Jasper, you were the best boy ever, you got me through everything and you weren’t suppose to die. It felt like you would like forever but you didn’t. I’m sorry I never got to say goodbye. Say hi to Marco for me, you guys were both so great. I miss you and it’s only been 1 hour. I wanted to be...
  6. 20200122_074001.jpg

    A picture of Silver, my first rat, sticking her head out from inside of my jacket.
1-6 of 6 Results