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  1. Little Boy

    The smaller Twin of the Brothers
  2. Female Clone of her Mama Lady Solana

    Ditto Copy of her Mommy Solana
  3. Female Clone of her Daddy Theos

    Ditto Copy Duplicate of her Daddy
  4. Double Rex Twin Female

    The other Double Rex Twin
  5. Double Rex Twin Female

    One of the twin Double Rex
  6. Big Boy

    The Alpha Male of the 1st Batch
  7. Adoption Center
    Hello everyone, Basil is male, social, well adapted to being let out, climbing on us, etc. We're moving interstate and just don't see how we'll be able to take best care of him. He's all set with everything, and he'll arrive with both durable food supplies and a list of the fresh foods we feed...
1-7 of 7 Results