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  1. General Rat Topics
    my mother let me get my rats without my father's permission a couple months ago and we stupidly thought we would be able to keep it from him. i realized today that there was no way and that my babies would be better off in a home where they werent a secret. i had already planned on giving them...
  2. Adoption Center
    Hello I’m trying to rehome my 4 male rats as I cannot handle my allergies to them anymore, and I’ve been bitten recently by one of them quite severely and I can’t move past it as it has traumatised me. If anyone is interested just ask for my phone number and I’ll talk through in more detail why...
  3. Adoption Center
    I have many males and females from 7 weeks and to adult ready for adoption. Im in New Port Richey, Florida but I am willing to travel anywhere in Florida for gas money. I have many different colors, coat types and ear types. PM me for pictures.
  4. Adoption Center
    i have 2 fancy rats (i think that’s what they’re called) and they have just become a nuisance to have, we’ve gone through 3 cages and i just don’t have a connection anymore. It’s sad that this happened bc in the beginning it was good, just over time i realized i’m not fit for them but i don’t...
  5. Adoption Center
    I'm looking for any rats in Arizona in need of homes for future reference, whether that be breeders or oops litters of those who find this post in the future, I was just hoping to get a 3rd since my rats are getting pretty old and I don't want them to be alone if one passes.
  6. Rat Homes
    my rat Mazikeen had a litter of 11!!! its her first litter and i dont have enough space or money to keep all of them. though i want to keeo most... if anyone in Wisconsin or Janesville Beloit area wants a rat(s) THEY NEED HOMES!! (side note, i would very much orefer NOT to ship them bc i dont...
  7. Adoption Center
    I have two, approximately six month old, female rats. I no longer have the space or time to give them the best quality of care that they deserve to have. I am looking for anyone, preferably in the Buffalo, NY area, who will be dedicated to their care and wellbeing, and who would love to spoil...
  8. Double Rex Twin Female

    One of the twin Double Rex
  9. Double Rex Twin Female

    The other Double Rex Twin
  10. Female Clone of her Daddy Theos

    Ditto Copy Duplicate of her Daddy
  11. Female Clone of her Mama Lady Solana

    Ditto Copy of her Mommy Solana
  12. Little Boy

    The smaller Twin of the Brothers
  13. Big Boy

    The Alpha Male of the 1st Batch
  14. Adoption Center
    Hello everyone, Basil is male, social, well adapted to being let out, climbing on us, etc. We're moving interstate and just don't see how we'll be able to take best care of him. He's all set with everything, and he'll arrive with both durable food supplies and a list of the fresh foods we feed...
1-14 of 14 Results