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rat babies

  1. What is a good salad?

    Rat Health
    Hello again, which fruits and vegetables can i use for a healthy salad? I usually take cucumber, carrot, Apple and some lettuce. What can i put in that give all the vitamin and nutrition they need?
  2. Rats wont stop sneezing

    Rat Health
    Hi, my baby rats has been sneezing for more than a week and i wondered if i have to take them to the vet? They dont seem to have any other symptoms Than sneezing so is it necessery to go to the vet? I really dont want to Go but if i have to i will.
  3. Loki the rescued class rat gets cagemates!! Need Advice!

    General Rat Topics
    I'm soooo excited for Loki! Since he's come to me he's grown rapidly into a super affectionate guy. He absolutely loves to be pet, scratched, chased, tickled, you name it! He just wants to play and love. The poor guy just watches my every move until I'm back at his cage. I wasn't certain how he...
  4. How do i tame my rats?

    General Rat Topics
    Iā€™ve seen alot of videos about timing rats but they dont really work, so maybe you guys have some tips that worked for you! They always lay in the same box and dont do much except sleep, eat and drink. They hold on for life on the bars of the cage when i try to pick them up and they got very...
  5. My rats wont go up

    Rat Homes
    Hi, i just got my first rats and this is one of many questions. I have a 3 story cage and they only hang out in the first. They have gone up but they never went down so i had too take them down cause they needed food. They did this a couple times more and after that they just stopped going up...
  6. Please Help!!! I'm worried about my baby boy's health šŸ˜”

    Rat Health
    About 3/4 months ago my boyfriend and I went with our friend/neighbor to a local breeder, and we each got a pair male rats.. There was several Obvious differences between our boys and hers.. for example I had an easier time socializing and bonding with our boys. They had quite a difference in...
  7. My Boys

    I have 3 current pink tail boyo's I received my boys the same week I got my lip pierced, so I have had them for about a year and a half. There were originally 4, Batman, Robin, Rouqfort, and KitKat. I was hospitalized for personal reasons and when my mother came to visit me, she informed me...
  8. what color are my ratties

    :) I am new here, so I hope pics show.
  9. 11 Rat Babies

    Day 2, the babies are doing good and so is mommy. she was happy to see us today and came running to us when we opened the door to her cage, then she ran to her nest and lefted the blanket off the babies like if she was showing us then ran back to my daughter and jumped in her lap. she was so...
  10. Rat babies

    My Rat just had 11 babies today, this pregnancy was an accident. We went on vacation and the people looking in on our rats somehow mistakenly put our female and male in the play area and didn't watch them to well. Well 25 days later mommy rat gave birth to a healthy bunch of squeaking babies. We...