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  1. Rat Behavior
    Hello! So ive been struggling with a little something… in march, one of my first rats died (i had2) and because i didnt want yubi (who got sick in august too sadly) to be alone, i got her new friends. Yuki, kuro and shiro. (Yuki n shiro r albinos) Now, its been months from march but they haven’t...
  2. Rat Health
    Hi, I have a five month old rat that I bought from a reputable breeder. I clean out his bedding daily, feed him vitamins, vigilantly sanitize his cage and don't let him go inside. I am having my friend watch him while I'm on vacation. She told me that he was on her shoulder and her big/loud dog...
  3. Rat Behavior
    I have a rat, he’s been with me since September. He wasn’t a biter to start with, but I’ve noticed since the start of this month he’ll walk up to me and start bitting me. I’m not sure if it’s his way of saying let’s play but the bitting isn’t just a nibble anymore, he is drawing blood and I...
1-3 of 3 Results