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    Hello! We just recently adopted three little girls! They are 6 weeks old. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve finally made my own feeding schedule. Is this a good feeding schedule for my girls? Any tips and tricks are greatly appreciated! Thank you!! Everyday: Oxbow Young Rat Pellets Sun...
  2. Rat Health
    Hi! My roommate just adopted two rats, and it means a lot to her that everyone in our home gives them attention and treats/food. I don’t know a lot about rats and I was hoping to get her some food and treats for Christmas. What would you guys recommend? They’re both under a year old, but full...
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    Specializing in Dumbo Rats, Dumbo Rex, and Dumbo Double Rex pet rats. We breed for personality, cheerfulness and health. Located in the Treasure Valley, Nampa, Idaho, we have been breeding rats since 2013. We have current litters available with standard, rex, and double rex babies. prices per...
  7. Petal Snacks

    Petal Snacks

    I think these are variations of African Daisies. Are they safe for ratties to eat? My two girls seemingly like the purple ones most of the few different types of flowers I've gifted them.