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  1. General Rat Topics
    last night i lost my little sweetheart, florian. she had been struggling with respiratory issues for some time and last night she stopped breathing - i'm heartbroken. i'm worried about my other rat, tia. she's really healthy and i expect that she'll be around for a good while longer but i don't...
  2. Rat Health
    About 3/4 months ago my boyfriend and I went with our friend/neighbor to a local breeder, and we each got a pair male rats.. There was several Obvious differences between our boys and hers.. for example I had an easier time socializing and bonding with our boys. They had quite a difference in...
  3. Blog
    This is mostly a copy/paste from my post in the Rainbow Bridge forum. My sweet little princess passed away a few days ago. She was an estimated two and a half years old, and I had only had her for two years (she was almost fully grown when I got her). Her picture will be below, but she was a...
1-3 of 3 Results