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  1. Rat Health
    Hi my 1yr old rat Luna has gotten a number of scabs on her face and neck. She does itch on them. Initially I thought it was her cagemate but now the scabs are increasing and bleeding too. Please tell me if it's mites? She also scratched herself to full bleed please help me
  2. Rat Health
    Hello everyone. For about two years I have been a mother of three rats. Billy, schlat and toby. (Schlat and billy being around 2 years while Toby is around one year) schlat has always had respritory issues but always was treated. sadly he recently passed unexpectedly in his sleep. my two...
  3. Rat Health
    My rat whose about a year old is acting strange. He sounds congested and seems to be having trouble breathing. I let him out to see if he’d feel better out of the cage but he’s just laying while huffing quickly. When he breathe’s it’s like something is stopping him from breathing through his...
1-3 of 3 Results