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rat smell
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  1. Rat Homes
    Hello !! So I got rats at the start of the world crisis and I'm now using fleece blankets on newspaper for most parts of my cages. Im also throwing random scrap clothes and tissue paper through-out the cage. Dirt & dust free aspen dig boxes, is that all good? Now main problem. I can't use my...
  2. General Rat Topics
    Hi, I got three male rats over a month ago and they really smell. I clean out there cage once a week and do a spot clean every three days. They have paper bedding and a litter tray ( which they are trained to use, but if course they still pee in the bedding a bit.) I’m not sure why they smell so...
  3. General Rat Topics
    I’m wondering if using wax melts will help with the rat smell. I have four girls now and my boyfriend was told by someone else that they stink when we only had 2 at the time. My boyfriend has noticed it as well. We know candles aren’t safe and we aren’t allowed to use them in our apartment...
1-3 of 3 Results