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  1. General Rat Topics
    Hi! I’m looking for some ideas on how to improve my cage cleaning. If you could, please post what cage you have and how you clean it. Thank you so much! Here is how I clean mine! I have a single critter nation. 1. Take everything out. 2. Scoop put bedding into the trash using a dust pan. 3...
  2. General Rat Topics
    Hi! So my pet rat Twig has an open wound and I need to keep my cage extra clean so that it doesn’t get infected. Any suggestions? I’m going to deep clean it today. But how should I keep it clean during the week? They are litter trained. I have a single critter nation. Thank you so much!
  3. Rants & Raves
    Hi! I just wanted to share this chew toy that I found on Etsy. My ratties really enjoy chewing it! I hope yours will too...
  4. Rat Health
    Hi! Do you guys have any advice on helping an abscess open up/ pop on my rat? The vet prescribed pain medicine and antibiotics. Is there any way to help open it up and drain? Thanks! Have a great day! 🐀
  5. Rat Health
    Hi! My female 2 year old rat has a mammary tumor growing on her chest. Any tips to slow the growth? Thank you!
  6. General Rat Topics
    i made this dig box with millet seeds ( they grow in a day) and safe soil from the pet shop ❤️
  7. Rat Health
    My rats have a respiratory infection, they've grown up with it. They're about a year old now. I can't seem to make them better in any way, they are very happy though and they dont seem too bothered by it. One of them, Ernie, seems to be more affected by it. I've tried many things to help...
  8. Rat Health
    My sweet boy Milo has hit the amazing milestone of three years of age this month and has been getting along quite well. He's been eating/drinking regularly as well as staying relatively active for his age, of course with many naps and cuddles in between. It is worth mentioning that he has hind...
  9. Rat Homes
    hii so i succesfully sold the cage my rat broke and ordered a new one. im kinda a new rat owner, i started keeping them a month ago so thats why i ask questions here so much! 🫶 its not as big as their previous one so i want them to have as much fun as they can! what are some basic items i should...
  10. Rat Behavior
    im trying to get my boys to get along but it seems impossible. the older one ( remy) hurts the other (rob) so much his toes are bleeding. i dont have enough money to have a big cage for both of them and i also read that keeping a rat alone is animal abuse, but remy seems to hate the other rat so...
  11. Rat Behavior
    i got my rat remy (1,5 years old) a new friend robert ( like 7months old) but remy is very agressive towards him so i didnt put them in the same cage yet. they are both in my room tho so when i let out remy to roam around he usually goes to robs cage, climbs on it and punches him throu the bars...
  12. Rat Health
    my rat remy ( hes older like 1,5 year old) always pees on me when i play with him. its so uncomfortable and gross :( is it normal for him to do that? he does it a lot, i mean pees a lot and like every 30 seconds i hold him
  13. Rat Health
    my rat caught a cold 2 weeks ago, i took him to the vet and they gave him antibiotics, and some other medicine. he got better in a week and the vet told me to stop giving him everything. now hes rattling again, sneezing a lot and his breathing is loud sometimes. is it safe to start giving him...
  14. Rat Homes
    hii my rats broke their cages doors ( its a used cage i bought a couple months ago, i cant repair the doors) if anyone can find/knows about a cage thats around 40$ and big enough for 2 rats id really really appreciate it!!
  15. Meet My Rat
    i went on a 3 day holiday ( left him in a clean cage with plenty food and toys) and when i came back he made the biggest mess in his cage iv ever seen. here he is hiding in his house while i cleaned his home for an hour <3
  16. Rat Health
    i got my rat 2 days ago and the night i got him he started sneezing and rattling so the next day i took him to an exotic vet and she said he caught a cold but it didnt go onto his lungs luckily. he has to take antibiotics and too other medicines everyday. im so worried about him i cant sleep, is...
  17. Rat Health
    me and my mom both take care of our rats, and we down to one last one, (were planning on taking a break from rodents, but she has our constant attention). she’s a 3 year old berkshire brown and her name is Nutmeg, not the healthiest. she always been quite wheezy so we put her on a medication...
  18. General Rat Topics
    Hi! As some of you know I’m kind of new to rat parenthood. I know that Arthur wants to get out of his cage and run around a bit and explore and I’m wondering if any of you have suggestions of how to do this safely. The biggest issue is that I have a baseboard heater and I want to keep him away...
1-20 of 127 Results