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  1. Rat Behavior
    One of my rat, Judy, doesn’t seem to like being touched/petted or held when she’s in heat. Every time I try to do so, she squeaks and runs away. However It only happens when she’s in heat. I was curious, does anybody’s rat have a similar behaviour or it’s just her? (Sorry for my broken English)
  2. General Rat Topics
    I brought home two girls last week, and they are doing great! However, I want to make sure that one of them is for sure a female. I know a good sign is…well..a lack of huge balls. And the females have nipples of course. Rosie lacks the testicles, but she also seems to lack nipples? Maybe it’s...
  3. Rat Behavior
    Why do my rats keep licking my feet?? I always try to pick them up and put them in a different area (During free-roam time) but they keep coming back, is it normal?
1-3 of 3 Results