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  1. Do you guys think this is safe glue?

    General Rat Topics
    This is kind of a DIY edible glue. I've been wanting to build things for my rats and rabbits, but I don't want to use store brand glues. I saw this and I just wanted extra opinions on whether or not this would be okay. In my opinion this is perfectly fine, but I just want to make sure everyone...
  2. Abscess, cyst or tumour?

    Rat Health
    TL;DR: lump appeared overnight. Rat is from pet store with undisclosed health history. Lump is hard and does not seem to cause rat pain. No pus or drainage from lump or penis. Still eating, drinking, playing with cage mate. Is this a cyst, a preputial abscess, a regular abscess or a tumour? I...
  3. Wax melts to help with smells?

    General Rat Topics
    I’m wondering if using wax melts will help with the rat smell. I have four girls now and my boyfriend was told by someone else that they stink when we only had 2 at the time. My boyfriend has noticed it as well. We know candles aren’t safe and we aren’t allowed to use them in our apartment...
  4. Going back and forth with rats

    Rat Health
    How often can rats travel? I live in a student house and visit home about every week or two, and stay for 2-3 days. I take an hour long bus one way and live in Canada where temperatures vary. I was so ready to be a rat mom but now I'm worried that the stress of moving back and forth could...
  5. Rats won't warm up

    Rat Behavior
    I've had rats all my life, but recently took a break from them when I had a child. My rats have always been sweet, friendly, energetic, adventuresome, curious, super smart, playful, entertaining, calm and just generally great pets. Well, my son is 6 now, and since he did so well with our...
  6. Peach & Plum

    Meet My Rat
    Hello everyone! We’re Peach & Plum (Plum is on top). We’re adjusting to our new lovely home with our new first time ratty-Momma. Can’t wait to see what our future (treats, mostly treats) holds!
  7. What bedding/substrate do you reccomend for rats?

    General Rat Topics
    I am considering getting rats one day and I don't know what kind of bedding/substrate to get. I've heard that rats are prone to respiratory issues if certain kinds of bedding/substrate is used, any suggestions?
  8. Rats Nesting All Food

    Rat Behavior
    Hello! This is my first time visiting this site and also posting so forgive me if I’m unfamiliar with how this works. I was hoping to get some advice. My rats, two girls- sunny and bean, ran out of their favorite food maybe a month ago. I have a big bag of backup food left over from before I...
  9. Mickeyslittle friends

    I have several color and sizes of rats that need homes and mice if interested please call or texted 3173850096
  10. Biting....but different!

    Rat Behavior
    Hello all, I'm new to this forum and I'm feeling sad for my co-owned ratty 'Miso'. She was not a rescue animal, she came with her 'sister' 'Tofu' from the same place but as they have a noticeable size difference I believe they are from separate litters. Miso is quite large so she's definitely...
  11. Rats CONSTANTLY hiding.

    Rat Behavior
    I've had my rats for a month now, they're about 3-4 months old. They have a relatively large cage for just two of them, 2 different floors with toys and a wheel. For the first two weeks, they hid in a little box with an old tshirt of mine for them to sleep in. They barely ever came out of it...
  12. Day One: NEW RATS!

    Hi! This is my first blog post describing my new rat journey. Today I purchased two new baby rats to accompany my other rat I bought a week ago. My three rats are named as followed: Tanya (Grey and white hooded rat), CanCan (full name Cannie is a hooded REW curly rat), and Maxie (so far a...
  13. Low-Maintenance Pets, not No-Maintenance pets!

    I have seen many posts and had many questions debating whether rats are low maintenance pets or not. When people ask me if rats are low maintenance, I will tell them YES! Rats are lovely low maintenance pets. I would like to distinguish the difference however between a low maintenance pet and a...
  14. Bestfriends never fail, especially those with paws and a tail <3

    I've only had my little girls since January. They make me so happy. They never fail to make me smile. I've been told I talk about them too much ;D I just bought them a new cage. A little mad because i was scammed on craigslist. COVERED in rust. $30 for a piece of trash. I power ashed it...
  15. So. Finally got a cage!!!

    I now have in my possession a Critter Nation one-story cage, with food and supplies! All that's left is the rats and some toys and fixtures!
  16. Awesome rattery around me what

    So Ratsrodrescue is near me and they have these beautiful rats I would love to have as my first furry little babies and my parents are okay with driving me there and I've saved up money and aaaaah I'm so excited because all that's left to do is get an appointment!!
  17. Update:

    FINALLY. I've found myself and my soon to be ratties a cage for them. It's very large I'd say, the spacing very good...surprisingly. They cannot escape unless I choose to let them out. I have to buy a giant wheel for them to run on and little pet igloos. I am nervous about whenever I bring them...
  18. New rats, but what kind are they?

    I just got two new rats a couple weeks ago, Bosco and Flash Boscos a fatty and flash is skinnier, but overall, I'm just not sure what time of rats they are. They are all white with some gray markings on there tails with bright red eyes.
  19. Small rat scabs all over bodie

    So I have had my two male rats ,fro do and Sam for almost two months now. Recently I have been petting Sam around the neck area and have noticed a few scabs. They are all over his back neck and now a few on his ears. I've tried cutting their nails but that doesn't seem to help. What else can I do??
  20. I need some advice

    Hello, all. This is my first blog entry on here. I have had rats before, in the past. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was sensible to have rats with an asthmatic in the house? If it is alright, do I keep boys or girls? This is only because my best friend, whom I live with is an asthmatic...