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  1. Meet My Rat
    Hello, I joined a day ago and wanted to show my beautiful girls; Ariel, Basil, Sage, Roxy, and Dove. Dove: Roxy: Ariel: Sage: Basil: I’m not sure what Basil’s pattern is called, I think capped.
  2. Rat Health
    I'm looking for a bit of help here with something that's been bothering me recently. On Jan 1st my two girls ended up giving birth to litters at the same time. I'd been babysitting a friends male prior who was prone to escaping his cage and found him in the other room in our girls cage. Now we...
  3. Blog
    FINALLY. I've found myself and my soon to be ratties a cage for them. It's very large I'd say, the spacing very good...surprisingly. They cannot escape unless I choose to let them out. I have to buy a giant wheel for them to run on and little pet igloos. I am nervous about whenever I bring them...
  4. Blog
    Hello everyone! I'm needing some help.. I went to a pet store today and looked at fancy/dumbo rats and picked up a brochure on them also. It says their lifespan is only 2 years, I always thought it was 2 1/2, maybe 3 tops. It says (just typing what's on the brochure) Size: 7-10" (18-25cm) body...
  5. Blog
    :) I am new here, so I hope pics show.
  6. Blog
    So i always just had my rats run on my beds or tables but today i rat proofed my office room. I have never seen Sinna so happy before. She ran for hours on end in there and that got me thinking. this spring we are putting an addition onto our house and remodeling so i am going to have a room...
  7. Blog
    First post! Yes indeed, I thought this necessary. Well now I shall talk about my two darling prices: Ouroboros and Hades. Ouroboros and Hades are my first rats! I've had plenty of pets before but never a rat, which was strange seeing as I've loved rats for quite a long time! After much trying I...
1-8 of 8 Results