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  1. Adoption Center
    I have two 7-month old males that I can't keep. They both have very nice temperament, but they do not get along with my other rats and I do not have space for a second cage.
  2. General Rat Topics
    One of my rats has recently died, leaving me with her sister Moon (1 year old). I’m unsure what to do next. My original plan was to add two baby rats to the family, but I don’t know if she would prefer adult company/ an already established group. There are no adult rats available close by...
  3. Adoption Center
    UPDATE: A home was found for them Hello! :D My friend who is in Indonesia has to rehome her pair of rats due to personal things, and they are on a time limit of until around early October[She will have to leave October 9th, but they should go home as early as possible and before October 6/7th]...
  4. Adoption Center
    BEND, OREGON We are looking to rehome our lovely foster rat, Kimchi. he’s a very affectionate dumbo rat who has never bitten and really just wants cuddles. He is suited best for a single rat household, as he was rescued from an abusive home with too many rats. he comes with a cage, food, bedding...
  5. Adoption Center
    Hi guys, i have 4 female rats (mama and her 3 babies) and 1male rat for rehoming. i’m living with my mother and she doesn’t want them in her house anymore so it’s i find them homes or we’re all out of here. and as i don’t have the finances to really leave on my own, i need to find them the best...
  6. Adoption Center
    Hey there. i have a troublesome boy, Apple is his name. used to be such a sweetheart, though randomly he started to not get along with my other boys. i tried to re-introduce him to the other boys, but that's not working. the cage he's in needs to be used for when my pregnant girl rat has her...
  7. Adoption Center
    Anyone in New Jersey interested in adopting some rats? My friend gave me some of his rats from 2 oopsie litters and I'm looking to find homes for them! Very pretty coats - mostly rex or double rex and nice temperaments. Small adoption fee. Please text me if you're interested 8564697721. Thanks!
  8. Caring for Accidental Litters
    I adopted two "brothers", but as my username says, one rat pulled a Mulan and revealed himself to be GASP a woman!!! And a very pregnant woman at that. I have separated Mulan (mama rat) and Shang (daddy rat), and they have a healthy army of 7. For now, Mulan and the army are in a nursery set...
1-8 of 8 Results