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  1. Rat Health
    Do I syringe it into their mouths? How much? Thank you! [Yes, I know this is a last resort option.]
  2. Rat Health
    Hi, i have 2 rats who are both almost 1. One of them, Peanut, was making noises a few months ago. We took him to the vet and they said its just noises to show his feelings, but i don't think that vet is very experienced with rats. but the noises got a little worse and we started hearing noises...
  3. Rat Health
    Recently (3 months ago) I lost a rat to pneumonia and after that experience I did everything in my power to protect my other girls. I bought a double critter nation (for 4 rats), set up an air purifier, got new dustless bedding( cat pellet paper), began to litter train, sewed fleece liners for...
  4. Rat Health
    My 2 y.o female rat developed classic signs of mycoplasma about 1 week ago. I began baytril when no improvement was seen after 2 days. She progressively has gotten worse and we took her to an exotic vet yesterday. I was under the impression that the vet would choose to euthanize her but to my...
  5. Blog
    so my new ratties just got dropped off about 15 minutes ago, how long should i wait until they are comfortable enough for me to clean their cage? they have pine bedding which i heard is bad and the shelves are looking pretty dirty. I heard pine bedding can cause respiratory infections, do rats...
1-5 of 5 Results