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  1. Please Help! Possible emergency! Rat health declining fast!

    Rat Health
    I am incredibly concerned currently. I have been monitoring my rat fish for a few days, his behavior has changed a bit and I checked him out and eventually noticed his teeth seeming to be over grown. He’s not the biggest chewer but hasn’t struggled until recently. His behavior changed only a few...
  2. HELP - My Rat Won’t Stop Sneezing

    Rat Health
    I’ve had 2 female rats now for 3 weeks. Cake is a dumbo rat and is around 2 or 3 months old now. Fiona is a dwarf dumbo Rex rat who is about 7 weeks old. About 3 days, I noticed Fiona sneezing quite a bit. There’s also the red mucus coming only from her nose in small amounts. She cleans most of...
  3. I need advice

    Rat Health
    Hi everyone I need some advice. I had rats when I was very little, but I pretty much did everything wrong. I got rats again because I love them a lot. Obviously I'm not making the same mistakes twice so I got a big cage, bedding that won't be hard on their lungs, etc. and its been smooth sailing...
  4. My Terrible weekend

    So Last weekend My poor Alice got sick. I separated her from her sister so she could get better. I kept her warm and hand fed/watered her. Then I got the terrible news on Sunday afternoon that she had passed.:(:(:( Balling my eyes out at work for at least an hour. The next day we took Pandora to...