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  1. Potentially sick rat- first time rat owner

    Rat Health
    I adopted three ten month old sisters almost two weeks ago, from a wildlife center that I volunteer at. I know they were well taken care of, and when I took them in I was told they were healthy. However, its been a week and a half and one rat, Queso, has been sneezing a lot. I know that's normal...
  2. Rat seems sick, not sure what's wrong

    Rat Health
    Hello everyone! My baby girl Scabbers hasn't been acting herself lately. She's usually up into the top part of her house begging for treats all day, but for the past few days, she has rarely come out of her hammock in the bottom part. Even when we call her name, she won't come out. Not only...
  3. Please Help! Possible emergency! Rat health declining fast!

    Rat Health
    I am incredibly concerned currently. I have been monitoring my rat fish for a few days, his behavior has changed a bit and I checked him out and eventually noticed his teeth seeming to be over grown. He’s not the biggest chewer but hasn’t struggled until recently. His behavior changed only a few...
  4. HELP - My Rat Won’t Stop Sneezing

    Rat Health
    I’ve had 2 female rats now for 3 weeks. Cake is a dumbo rat and is around 2 or 3 months old now. Fiona is a dwarf dumbo Rex rat who is about 7 weeks old. About 3 days, I noticed Fiona sneezing quite a bit. There’s also the red mucus coming only from her nose in small amounts. She cleans most of...
  5. I need advice

    Rat Health
    Hi everyone I need some advice. I had rats when I was very little, but I pretty much did everything wrong. I got rats again because I love them a lot. Obviously I'm not making the same mistakes twice so I got a big cage, bedding that won't be hard on their lungs, etc. and its been smooth sailing...
  6. My Terrible weekend

    So Last weekend My poor Alice got sick. I separated her from her sister so she could get better. I kept her warm and hand fed/watered her. Then I got the terrible news on Sunday afternoon that she had passed.:(:(:( Balling my eyes out at work for at least an hour. The next day we took Pandora to...